Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christening My XV6700

Being new to having a PDA of my own (I also carry a BlackBerry for work, but it is VERY controlled) I've been trying out software and figuring out ways to integrate it into my life.

My first rule was; No work information goes on my personal device! That seemed fairly straight forward since my work machine can be difficult to install software on. We use a packaging system that has managed to munge the MSI (Microsoft Installer) for XP pretty badly under XP so even though I have administrative rights I can't install most "non-packaged" software on my PC. Because I work in an industry that is highly regulated (see my November 26, 2006 post) and e-mail from the office system can be considered corporate information and subject to regulatory review, I want to be very clear about delineating personal and corporate e-mail so that there is no reason for anyone at work to go poking around on my home systems. Besides, I don't want my personal inbox filling up with stuff I'm already receiving at work.

E-mail proved to be the easy part to keep separate. I'm running the Office 2007 Beta at home and when I plugged the XV6700 in to sync with my desktop I was invited to install OneNote for Windows Mobile. I accepted. Now I've played with OneNote on the desktop a bit and it was OK, but when I put it on the XV6700 (I'm going to have to give it a name, XV6700 is just too formal) I started to realize the potential of OneNote. Rather than carrying a pad of paper or my laptop to meetings at work I carry the XV6700 in my shirt pocket and just pull it out and make notes. I have a long way to go to get my input speed up since I haven't written cursively in years (my teacher's gave up on the notion of me ever writing anything legible and were quite happy to accept hand printed papers). I've had to be very careful to make sure I comply with corporate policies (I'm only allowed to keep sensitive information on a non-corporate device) but so far it hasn't been a problem. I like the fact that I can keep different sections for different projects. One thing that would be useful and I either haven't figure it out yet or it doesn't exist is the ability to insert the current date and time on Moby (I just named my XV6700) when I'm adding notes. I'll need to look into getting One Note "wrapped" and on my work PC.

Will Moby change the way I work? Definitely, but probably not as much as he would if I used him exclusively for work. They tell me we are looking at supplementing our BlackBerry devices with Windows Mobile (although that seems to have died down since RIM settled with NTP), but just in case we do, is it considered too geek to wear two XV6700s on my belt at the same time?

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