Sunday, November 26, 2006

Old School

I'm hoping that my XV6700 will help revolutionize the way I work but there is still a problem. I work in the financial industry for an international corporation. As such we are heavily regulated by the U.S. regulators as well as a regulatory agencies in the contries we have a presence in. Regulators, and lawyers, don't like the use of electronic notes when it comes to providing evidence of what was done/said since electronic records are easily modified unless they are immediately written to WORM (Write Once Read Many) media to provide evidence that the original is unaltered. This is very important when trying to establish what was done/said, or at least what your interpretation of what was done/said.

For that reason I, and many of the people I work with still rely on written (or in my case, printed) notes in a hardcover, numbered page, record book. This type of thing is much harder to modify/alter. That requires someone with good counterfeiting skills to duplicate the author's handwriting and would likely require copying the entire book. The bound hard cover format and the numbered pages make it difficult, if not damn near impossible to add/remove pages and or information. This type of notebook with comprehensive notes can be very important when dealing with employee reviews or regulatory questions/investigation.

Until such time as smeone comes up with a program to take my notes and write them into a file which I can old read or add to sequentially I'll probably still have to keep using my Boorum & Pease R-150 record book for meeting notes and issues.

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