Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I hired a Maid (MemMaid)

A couple of days ago Moby started notifying me that he was low on memory. Extremely low, to the point of barely being able to run. I needede to delete files and make space in Moby's internal memory. So off I went, looking here and looking there, finding some small files but not making any real progress. There had to be a better way. Off I went to Handango where I found MemMaid. Five minutes later MemMaid had given me back over 10 Megabytes of data.

That was all I needed to make me part with some hard earned cash, although surprisingly little, and within a day had received the registration codes from the author.

I'm very happy with the service provided and will have the maid in once a week to clean up after me. Highly recommended.

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