Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gear Bags Part 2

My "Take It All Because You Never Know What You'll Need" Bag

CaseLogic Hard Drive Case
Western Digital Passport 120GB HardDrive
2 X 15 ft ethernet cables

4 Outlet Power Bar with a 1 foot cord, useful for providing extra outlets in hotel rooms.
Camera Tripod
Blackberry travel charger (USB)
Nintendo DS case
- Nintendo DS
- Nintendo Wall wart
- Nintendo Games

Motorola WR850G wireless broadband router, firmware flashed with DD-WRT to act as a wi-fi router or a bridge (its amazing how many "business" hotels don't have wi-fi but provide only a wired connection)
Overseas power adapter plugs
Cable lock

Cable bags


-Apple iPod Camera Connector
-Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder
-Griffin Lapel Microphone
-Griffin Earbuds (use in noisy environments)
-iPOD travel power adapter w/USB output
-Retractable USB to iPOD cord
-3 Ft long 3.5mm (1/8 in) plug to3.5mm (1/8 in)plug stereo cable

-4 port USB hub
-RJ-11 phone line splitter
-2 retractable USB cables (1X AM-AM, 1X AM-AF) with adapters
-RJ-45 X2
-RJ-45 Crossover
-RJ-11 X2
-USB AM-AM adapter
-USB AM - mini adapter
-USB AM-AB adapter

-Small flat blade screwdriver
-10 Ft measuring tape

Future Consideration

There are a number of things I'd like to add or upgrade to try and enhance my mobile environment.

A new "Everyday" bag. The CES backpack was a promotional item and wasn't made to stand up to the use I've given the shoulder bag. I'd like to find a replacement so that I can retire it before it deteriorates too badly. If I can find an everyday replacement the shoulder bag can go into semi-retirement and become a permanent part of the "Take Everything" team. I've seen a couple of nice (and affordable) bags but they are either too big causing the X61 to slide around more than I'd like or too small (the 8 cell battery on the X61 makes it just too big, if I was willing to go with a shorter battery life and use the 4 cell battery it would definitely fit.

Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000 - This looks to be a great little web-cam. What endears it to me is the ability to close it up so that you know its not transmitting, the high resolution ( the ability to take still pictures at 8 mega pixels and shoot video at 2 mega pixels). The fact that its really small when closed is also a big plus.

ASUS R2H UMPC - I'd like to see it with a faster processor but I'm looking for it to fill the portable gap for when I'm out and about and want a small tablet. Additionally the built-in GPS makes it ideal for use in the car and the TV-out makes it a portable media center to supplement my iPOD Photo.

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