Friday, October 17, 2008

Dear Google; What are you thinking……

Dear Google;

I opened my personalized Google home page last night to discover that some one had stolen my precious screen real estate.  All of my Google gadgets that I rely on daily were scrunched towards the right side of the screen because the nice clean tab line which ran across the top of the screen was now running down the left side of my screen. 

I thought perhaps I had somehow messed up my configuration when playing with my gadgets and searched in vain for the setting to let me change it back.  Eventually I went looking for help and stumbled across  a Google post about new features

This leads me to wonder just how much Google understands the computer market place.  Laptops (traditionally smaller screens than desktops) are now outselling desktops. Recently the laptop market has been swept along with netbooks (lighter, smaller versions of laptops with screens which are cheaper and have a smaller overall resolution that laptops).  Ultimately this means that screen space to display the things consumers want to see is a valuable commodity.

And into this market Google introduces…  a menu system that consumes significantly more screen real estate than the previous version.

BTW: This new menu system has evidently impacted things like the Google finance pages and added the need for an additional click in order to get basic information for the stocks I follow, something I do numerous times a day.

Come on Google, what were/are you thinking?  

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