Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Did I Do With Last Years Technology Predictions?

How Did I Do With Last Years Technology Predictions?Prior to CES 2011 I sat down and listened to my video from last year regarding 2010: Year of the UMPC… Finally!!! to see how well I had done with my prediction(s).  From a big picture point of view I think I hit it bang on, a lot of the technology news for 2010 was about the impact of tablets in the tech market, they just weren’t running a Microsoft operating system!  The biggest impact was made by Apple’s iPad but by late in the year the iPad was being given a run for its money by a number of Android devices most notable the Samsung Galaxy Tab although Marco Arment makes a very good point, its about the user experience/adoption not the technology itself.

I didn’t fare as well (to put it mildly) on my other predictions about technologies that would be included in tablet devices;

  • The creation of content without a keyboard- Even though voice input technology to assist with creation of content exists and works fairly well I suspect we still feel a little bit self conscious about dictating i.e. talking to ourselves.  With the decline of the use of secretaries in the workplace perhaps the art of dictation has ben lost.  Since the iPad did not include any cameras the creation of video content using tablets was also a non-starter, however this prediction may be salvaged during 2011 by users of Android tablets with cameras and the rumored inclusion of a camera in Apple’s next release of the iPad.
  • Wireless docking station – this hasn’t been necessary due to the “lighter” operating systems used in tablet devices which don’t support viewing on multiple monitors, external storage devices, and other peripherals typically associated with a PC.
  • Wireless charging – basically manufacturers really fell down here, this is available for phones, although primarily as a 3rd party add-on and hasn’t really been adopted by any manufacturers other than Palm. 
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